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Massage/Spa Incorporated & Coronavirus (COVID-19)

I want to touch base with you during this difficult time and let you know how Massage/Spa Incorporated is handling things. Health and safety are and have always been our top priorities. Concerns over the coronavirus (COVID-19) are real and the CDC has recommended social distancing (whenever possible, stay at least six (6) feet away for others). This is in direct conflict with a massage. MSI has taken steps to mitigate some factors.

1.      We are not accepting any new clients until this crisis is deemed over.

2.      We have always had the policy that clients who are sick should reschedule their appointments. You will not be penalized for rescheduling due to your illness. 

3.      If you are experiencing ANY underlying conditions that make you more susceptible to COVID-19, please protect yourself and reschedule your appointment.

4.      All of our door knobs, chairs, clipboards and pens will be wiped down with disinfectant between each client.

5.      As always, therapists wash their hands with anti-bacterial soap and hot water before and after every massage.

6.      As always, all sheets are changed after every massage. All sheets and materials are laundered after each use.

April 1st is the date the CDC has set for another public health assessment. If you have an appointment scheduled before then and want to reschedule, please let me know. After that date, we’ll move on a day-to-day basis unless there is another decree from the CDC.

I pray that you all are well and keeping safe. These are unprecedented times. Let’s all get through it healthy and whole. Massage/Spa Incorporated and I will be here on the other side, ready to restore body and soul. Try to savor the peace and calm that may be found during even this part of the journey.

Charesse Foye


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